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99 Designs

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Jeremy McLeod & Fairley Batch of Breathe Architecture


Andrew Wuttke

Situated adjacent to the Richmond train line and housing a spectrum of working and playing spaces, 99 Designs required a robust acoustic strategy to meet the sound-control requirements of its diverse program. 

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“Autex’s recycled products have impressive sustainability credentials both socially and environmentally”

Jeremy McLeod , Breathe Architecture

To suit social clients, the office is open-plan with a communal kitchen, café and games space. With coffee machines, grinders and recreation contributing excessive noise on the South side of the floor plate, acoustic absorption was imperative to the functionality of workspaces and meeting rooms located in the center and North end of the plan.

This was achieved through the internal and external lining of meeting pods with Autex Cube, which provides privacy for confidential conversations as well as dampens unwanted background noise. Cube is a lightweight and semi rigid panel made from 100% polyester. Its versatility and creative freedom makes it the ideal choice for bespoke projects like this. The site’s proximity to rail infrastructure and single-glazed factory windows also contribute to general noise pollution and thermal vulnerability, which is reduced by internal wall treatments with Autex products.

In addition to achieving ideal acoustic conditions for a variety of circumstances, Breathe Architecture is pleased with the use of Cube in the creation of a meaningful and purposeful space. Of significance to Breathe, “Autex’s recycled products have impressive sustainability credentials both socially and environmentally”. The product’s durability and versatility has had further implications on the success of the project, such as the client’s use of the Autex Cube as tackboard surfaces, which suits their creative work processes.