Acoustic Balance for Historic Building

Case Study

Culture Warrington


John Atkinson Interiors Ltd


Gavin Stewart

“I strongly recommend Autex as their service is second to none. They take time to listen, but at the same time do not withhold giving good advice and various options available. They work with the customer to achieve an excellent high standard.”

Richard Fleming – Buildings Manager , Culture Warrington

Project Background & Purpose

Designed by a local architect William Owen in 1895, Parr Hall is Cheshire’s only surviving professional concert Hall. Over the years this historic hall has hosted many a notable artist including The Rolling Stones, The Who and Arctic Monkeys as well as famous comedians such as Jimmy Carr and Andy Parson. To this day Parr Hall continues to host concerts and performances, and is available for hire as a venue ideal for meetings, conferences, weddings and other celebrations.

Of the several rooms available for hire, one of the smaller meeting rooms presented significant noise reverberation issues due to the space’s high ceiling and hard surfaces of the walls and laminated floor. The room’s poor acoustics made it difficult to hear speakers and therefore restricted its use, leaving the room as a last resort - untapped and unused.  

In order to reap financial benefit from this meeting room, the present noise reverberation issue needed to be addressed. Buildings Manager at Culture Warrington, Richard Fleming, set about to find a product and company who could provide a tailored acoustic solution.

Solution – Product & Installation

As Parr Hall is a ‘listed building’, this presented its own issues and limitations as to what could be undertaken. Autex was the ideal match as they are able to provide a custom acoustic solution which would complement the existing décor and enhance the space without altering the structural features of the building.

Working in collaboration with Autex Account Manager Dan Black; Quietspace® Panel laminated with Vertiface® decorative fabric and Autex CompositionTM acoustic fabric were chosen due to their superior sound absorbing properties and aesthetic.

24 custom-cut Quietspace® Panel laminated in Sanz colored Vertiface® were direct fixed to the ceiling in-between existing wooden rafters for premium acoustic absorption without disturbing the building structure. Approximately 764.24ft2 of Autex CompositionTM acoustic fabric in colors Sanz and Jade was applied to three of the four walls to further enhance the room both acoustically and visually. Jade CompositionTM was used to create a beautiful feature wall, adding vibrancy without distracting from the unique architectural structure of the room; while the contemporary tone of Sanz CompositionTM was used on the two facing walls, complementing the existing color palette.

Benefits & Feedback

Post installation of Vertiface® laminated Quietspace® Panel and Autex CompositionTM acoustic fabric, the once avoided meeting room is now the most popular available for hire. Reverberation time prior to application of Autex products was exceptionally high at 3.56 seconds - almost three times the recommended reverberation time for this type of space. The new recorded reverberation time has been reduced to an impressive 1.33 seconds and sits well within the set building standards.

Richard Fleming is ecstatic with the results, saying “Voices can clearly be heard, speakers do not have to repeat themselves, attention is held and in a very pleasant environment. We are so impressed that we are looking at using this product in other areas of the building to improve quality for our customers. We would highly recommend the product to anybody who has issues with sound.”

Quietspace® Panel is a light-weight, semi-rigid acoustic panel that boasts exceptional acoustic absorption properties and is incredibly durable. The addition of a Vertiface® laminate adds to the overall look of the Quietspace® Panel, allowing for a more personalized acoustic product to better suit its intended space.

Autex CompositionTM acoustic fabric is a decorative and functional acoustic wallcovering that offers complete design flexibility in a wide array of applications. Exceptional for reducing noise reverberation; Composition® acoustic fabric is the simple choice for managing echo while creating a vibrant and durable interior acoustic solution.



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