Quieter, more peaceful environments for staff

School staff rooms and administration offices can be high-frequency noise environments. To ensure comfortable and quiet places for administration staff to work and teaching staff to relax, Quietspace® Ceiling Tiles were chosen for their superior performance, aesthetic appeal and ease of installation. The 1" square edge ceiling tiles are especially well suited to open-plan areas, such as staff rooms. They are also highly durable providing long-term stability and performance.

Overcoming challenges

When it comes to installing ceiling tiles, keeping them clean is one of the biggest challenges installers face. Autex Quietspace® Ceiling Tiles have been specially engineered with a fine polyester spun-bond protective finish which can be easily peeled off after installation, ensuring a superb,  clean finish without finger prints or marks on the tiles.

Eco-friendly approach

Albany Primary School has an Eco-friendly approach to everything they do. Quietspace® Ceiling Tiles were the obvious choice for the project. Quietspace® Ceiling Tiles are made from only 100% safe and friendly polyester fibers with a minimum 60% recycled content from used and recycled PET plastics. The polyester fibers are thermally bonded then thermally molded to form a rigid and incredibly durable tile. This unique method ensures a clean and simple manufacturing process that eliminates the need for chemical binders and carcinogens commonly found in mineral fiber and fiberglass tiles. Quietspace® Ceiling Tiles are therefore completely safe at all stages of the building fit-out and pose no on-going health risk to staff and students.

Looking ahead

In any education environment, durability is an important requirement of any building material or product. Quietspace® Ceiling Tiles are resistant to chipping, cracking and edge damage reducing breakage and wastage. Long term stability and performance mean Albany Primary’s administration buildings retain a modern appearance for years to come.  

Albany Primary School

Case Study

Albany Primary School

Account Manager

Robert Palmer



Albany Primary School recently completed an exciting building project which included a new administration block and staff room. Project Manager, Robert Palmer (EBS) chose Autex Quietspace® Ceiling Tiles due to their superior sound absorption properties and high ‘green building’ credentials. 

“I am impressed with the significant difference Quietspace® Ceiling Tiles have made in ensuring a peaceful and comfortable environment for the staff members of Albany Primary School. ”

Maree Bathurst , Albany Primary Principal