Case Study



Jonathan Mountfort & Luke Walker


Mark Scowen

For Architectural firm GHD having an effective video conferencing rooms that provides a realistic virtual presence between participants was an important feature in the design of their new office.  

“The Lattice has dramatically changed the quality of sound in our meeting rooms as well as adding an element of art rather than just a formal sound panel”

Frances Brixey , GHD

Adopting a traditional approach of large room with glass walls, GHD faced the problem of room acoustics and speech intelligibility affecting the clarity of video conferencing and meetings.

Although modern conferencing technologies have various means of controlling what is transmitted and what is electronically filtered out, good acoustics in both the sending and receiving room create a system that is pleasant and satisfying to use.

Approached by GHD to provide an acoustic solution; Autex suggested their recently designed Lattice Suspended Sound Absorbing System. Boasting a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1.3; Lattice has exceptional sound absorption performance whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing suspended feature.

 For the smaller of the two meeting and conferencing rooms GHD chose the curved Eclipse Lattice, suspended from the ceiling by 7.87" the Eclipse Lattice greatly improved the acoustics in the meeting room. Choosing the color; Zenith they were able to create a vibrant artistic feature without being too distracting.

To get a greater spread of acoustic performance in the larger conferencing room, Autex provided the two-piece Lattice Torus. The two piece functionality of Torus creates the same level of NRC of Trapezium and Eclipse Lattice but enables you to pin point key areas across the meeting room. Employing 3 different colors; Ironbank, Acros and Opera GHD were able to create another stand out feature in their meeting room.

Staff at GHD instantly noticed the difference in the quality of the sound, which made meetings and video conferencing easy and effective. The Lattice also added “an element of art” to the meeting room which redefines a new approach to acoustic design.