A beautifully designed and structured space, the multitude of hard and reflective surfaces made the open plan living space noisy and overwhelming. Occupants felt the acoustic environment was unsettling, especially when both the kitchen and living space were being used in the evening.

The owners enlisted Autex’s expertise to solve the issue of excess noise through acoustic design and treatment. The product selected was Autex Composition from the Interior Acoustics range in Raspberry. The bright and vibrant Autex Composition covered the back wall of the space to create a fresh and contemporary feature wall, whilst providing an effective acoustic absorption.

A unique feature of Autex Composition that was well received is its fabric face. This allows the owner to change around her pictures and art on the wall without compromising the desired finish.

The new-look living room has not only improved aesthetically, but the occupants describe that the once uncomfortable and reverberant environment has transformed into a relaxing and enjoyable environment to live in.

Herne Bay Living

Case Study

Jane Robinson




Mindy Wigglesworth

In this modern and stylish Herne Bay Home, a true sense of design and flare is manifested by black and white fixtures that surround an impressive collection of art and personal touches.