Situated on a 25 acre site, Tjapukai has won more than 200 awards and is recognized as the national ambassador for Australia’s Aboriginal cultural tourism. Holding a defining position in telling the history of Australia’s indigenous people; owners Indigenous Business Australia have invested $12 million in transforming Tjapukai to an amazing modern center that not only tells the story of Australia but provides a transition between the outside world and the Aboriginal culture.   

The foyer area of the Tjapukai Cultural Center forms the entrance and the place where guests gather before entering the live performance theater. It was important to the designers at Studio Cassells and Story Inc. to work alongside the Tjapukai team to ensure the space reflected the heart and soul of the community and all its functions.

Featuring a polished concrete floor, high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows, the Tjapuki Cultural Center presented a beautiful space with an adherent noise reverberation issue. This led to the team at Studio Cassells and Story Inc. to look for a sound absorbing acoustic solution that fitted the culture of the space and evoked the feelings of Tjapukai tribe’s local landscape; the Cairns Rain Forest.

Designer David Cassells felt the foyer area needed materials that gave a natural feel and provided a variety of textures. Autex Cube™ was a fitting solution for this; made from 100% Polyester the surface of Cube provides a natural smooth appearance that is available in a variety of colors. To make sure the acoustic solution fitted in with the centers theme, Autex worked alongside David Cassells to design a custom cut Cube™ rain forest that sits suspended from the ceiling.

The team at Studio Cassells said they chose complementing natural toned colors; Flatiron, Savoye and Opera because “they offered a number of advantages over other materials: It’s soft, felt like material worked well with the overall feel of the space, its ability to be water-cut into detailed patterns gave us design freedom…”.    

Because the upgrade of the Tjapukai Cultural Center was taking place while the center was still open it was important that the installation could be done quickly without disrupting the regular visitors. Because the team at Autex water-cut the rain forest designs in house and sent them direct to the center, there was no need for onsite cutting saving time during the installation. Also because Autex Cube™ is made from 100% polyester it is 100% non-toxic leaving the center with a healthy alternative to fiberglass fabric wrapped panels.

The team at Studio Cassells mentioned that whilst they were impressed with the Autex product, they were equally impressed with their service. “They water-cut all patterns in-house, which saved outsourcing extra processes and were happy to provide the colors to help achieve the look we needed. Autex has been very accommodating and a pleasure to work with.”

After a unique solution to control acoustic performance in your space? Talk to the team at Autex to find out how we can work with you to create a solution that adds life into your space and provides a creative and complementary approach to interior acoustics.


Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Center

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Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Center

Interior Designer

Story Inc.


Studio Cassells

Proudly showcasing the rich culture of Australia’s Aboriginal people; over the last 25 years Tjapukai Cultural Center has allowed visitors to interact and learn more about the Tjapukai way of life and traditional practices. While recently renovating their cultural center, they experienced some concerns with the spaces acoustic performance.

“They offered a number of advantages over other materials: It’s soft, felt like materiality worked well with the overall feel of the space, its ability to be water-cut into detailed patterns gave us design freedom”

David Cassell , Studio Cassells