Autex™ has always taken our environmental responsibilities as a manufacturer very seriously. We’re committed to applying sustainable practices across all aspects of our business, from manufacturing processes to safe, healthy working conditions for our staff. Autex™ is always working to build on our achievements and improve our environmental performance, in areas from energy efficiency and recycling to third-party product certification.


Autex Group strives to achieve positive economic, social and ecological impacts for the benefit of its stakeholders and the environment.


Our approach to corporate sustainability is guided by the principles of best practice performance, transparency, integrity, continual improvement and product stewardship.

Priority Areas

Our Group Sustainability Strategy (ecoWheel) has been developed on the basis of our understanding of the issues that are relevant and material to our business and its stakeholders.  Each area of our sustainability strategy is structured on the basis of measurable objectives and action plans to ensure we maintain progress towards best practice.

Stakeholders: We work to understand the changing needs and expectations of our customers and other stakeholders, and consider these requirements in our product and service offerings. We communicate transparently and with integrity about our products and report the sustainability performance of our business on the basis of the GRI framework.

Social: We provide healthy, safe and fair work conditions for our staff, contractors and suppliers and comply with all relevant legal and other requirements of our business. We strive to benefit our local communities through programs such as the Warm up New Zealand scheme and our investment in sports teams and community organisations.

Environment: We use Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to understand the environmental impacts of our products. We have continual improvement programs in which we implement a range of initiatives to mitigate the environmental ‘hotspots’ that we have identified.

Product Responsibility: We are committed to optimizing the environmental, social and financial benefits of our products. We are developing product stewardship schemes to close the loop in our supply chain and work with our suppliers to ensure that our sustainability values are embedded into the materials we use in our products and processes.

Economic: We strive to provide positive financial returns for our shareholders, fair remuneration for our staff and create overall economic benefits in the markets that our business operate in.

Certification: We are committed to achieving and maintaining independently verified certification to best practice standards for our products and processes. We have accredited with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 for our New Zealand and Australian sites and are working towards Greentag certification for all our product categories.


Autex Group will report publicly on its sustainability performance via its website. In line with its principle of transparency Autex will provide a ‘live’ account of its sustainability performance by reporting improvements as they happen. The current target is to have an externally available report provided early 2017.


This sustainability report will be following the GRI G4 guidelines for sustainability reporting.