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People and culture

Our vision and purpose

Who we are

Recognised globally, we bring Kiwi ingenuity alive, in a sustainable way, to create products that inspire spaces where people come together.

We create an environment where success happens everyday.


Our values

Connected energy

We will have high energy, a sense of urgency, be deliberate, confident, and committed in all of our work. We will be passionate about working hard but we will still remember to have fun, laugh loud and often, and connect with our colleagues.

Culture of thriving

We continually strive for excellence. This means that we challenge each other, learn fast, and think forward. We will ensure we are adding value to everything we do and bring the best out in ourselves and others.

Make it possible

We dream big, are bold, and willing to find a way. This means that we work together and together we will not give up.

Truly caring

Together we will support each other and genuinely look out for everyone we connect with, including customers and suppliers. We will always act in kindness with empathy and sincerity. This means that we recognize each other’s strengths and motivators helping them to achieve their goals. We will have each other’s backs giving them a home away from home.




Our sustainability journey

Positively impacting our environment, our people, and the next generation

Sustainability has been a core value of our operations for decades. From creating a zero waste manufacturing line to our most recent achievement of carbon neutrality, we are constantly looking for ways that we can reduce both our own and our customers' impact.

We are aware of the impact that the building sector has and the work that needs to be done on a global scale to reduce this. As a manufacturer we hold an important role and can directly affect the makeup of our products as well as expectations of our peers. Ensuring that we are continually looking to improve our environmental, social, and economic sustainable activities is beneficial for not just us, but for future generations. Change starts with us.

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