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As creators and innovators, we understand your pursuit of the bold and unusual, the rare and exceptional—the brave, color-outside-the lines ideas. Every space you design is unique, therefore, every element—from floor to ceiling—should be tailored to fit.


A medium for creative expression


Acoustic panels double as traditional art

Choctaw Cultural Centre

To honor, share, and celebrate the beautiful complexities of the Choctaw Culture, the Choctaw Cultural Centre was commissioned. A variety of custom acoustic solutions were installed in the space, doubling as traditional art through which elements of the Choctaw story are told...


Acoustic built for broadcasting

The Mediaworks floorplan is laid out like a cityscape—each radio brand existing within its own unique neighbourhood. Inside the neighbourhoods are stacked studios, production suites, and meeting rooms, characterised by their corresponding acoustic sculpture walls. As leaders in the New Zealand media industry, Mediaworks needed their studios to perform at a high level to meet every day broadcasting demands...


Turning sound into sculpture

Resembling a 70’s shag carpet, the crimson wall visually captures the essence of noise; a discordant fuzz of acoustic energy, both deliberate and entirely unintentional. Evolving from a sharpie sketch, the feature took many forms throughout the concept and design phase...


On the beat

Beat is defined as ‘a main accent or rhythmic unit in music or poetry’. To capture this concept in physical form, the designers begun with the image of a speaker cone—an object often at the mercy of strong, steady beats...


Palpable silence

Silence is, in equal parts, tranquil and torturous. One person’s discomfort is another person’s solace. Silence is subjective, multi-faceted, and necessary; as a sonic dualism, noise cannot exist without silence. To accurately sculpt the absence of sound, incorporating the nuance of its extremes, the design team turned to abstract silhouettes...

Cube™ and Quietspace® Panel

Inspired by sound

A feat of innovative design and out-of-the-box thinking, the Mediaworks building tells the story of radio—a medium rich in history and soul—through a brave, game-changing fitout. The Autex design team worked alongside architects Warren and Mahoney to create three bold, custom, acoustic feature walls for the common areas, and high-performance treatment for the studios...

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