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Inspired by our landscape

Autex Acoustics, United States

Oct 25, 2023


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The inspiration bringing our new colors to life

Our new colors are a prime example of the extensive and strict design process we follow. Rooted in sustainability, we are always looking for ways that we can create practical solutions for architect’s installers and those living around our products. This is why we took inspiration from the natural landscape while bringing Canyon, Caspian, Highland, and Terrace into our palette.
These four colors have been expertly curated to complement our existing range of colors and expand your design possibilities. All of them can be paired with any of the colors in our now-expanded range, and each is also available across the Autex Acoustics product range, including Cube, Composition®, Frontier, Lanes, and Quietspace® Panel.
Get to know what is behind each color below:


Taking inspiration from the sunbaked cliffs of the Grand Canyon, this hue is truly a welcoming feature. Canyon’s sunny undertones make it most at home with its warmer friends, but it can also coexist with cooler hues, making it an accommodating colour that energizes a space. A color reminiscent of summer, this friendly orange hue will add a sense of space and light to your surroundings.




Named after the Caspian Sea, this dark color captures the mysterious and elegant features of the world’s largest inland body of water. Hovering between grey and blue, this stormy hue can be dramatic or subdued, depending on the environment. An alluring alternative to charcoal, deep green base notes make this complex color a chameleon capable of transforming a space. Stormy sea blues such as Caspian can be both quiet and compelling depending on the light or the colours it is combined with.





The rolling Highlands of Scotland are the inspiration for this subtly warm and delicately mossy green. This muted earthy tone mimics a warm neutral and will revitalise a space without overpowering it. Green, in any form, is an uplifting and restorative addition to your environment and your mood. Increasingly, we are turning to tones of green that are reminiscent of nature, that work to counter the external chaos.




Named for the majestic Pink and White Terraces of New Zealand, Terrace was designed to emulate the coloring created by the unique combination of minerals found in the area. Calming and therapeutic, Terrace is a subtly hued alternative to warm gray, with a dusky purple tone that combines warmth and lightness to create a color capable of illuminating a space.


Order your samples here to view these new colors in person.


Autex Acoustics, United States

Oct 25, 2023


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