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Meet our team - Katie Ciani

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Oct 31, 2022

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Our team at Autex Acoustics® is made up of a range of people from all walks of life. Their experiences and great attitude are what make our workplace such a positive place to be. One of those people is Katie Ciani, who joined as our southwest sales manager four months ago. We recently talked to her to get the inside scoop on what makes her tick. Read the interview below:

What industries have you worked in?


Through college I worked in hospitality. Post-graduation I put my degree in Interior Design to use by working at Architecture firms and I’ve stayed in the field of Architecture and Design ever since.  


What drew you towards working in sales?


While working as an Interior Designer I was recruited by a former employer and immediately found the fun in it. I get to help others and build relationships in the field I love so much. It’s a win for me.    


What do you like about working for Autex Acoustics?


It’s pretty cool being part of the best acoustic manufacturer out there, and the culture is a great fit.  We spend so much time at work so being around like minded, good people is the game changer.  


What has been the biggest learning curve you’ve had while working at Autex Acoustics?


I’m new to the acoustics space and the amount of knowledge and innovation behind Autex has been a great undertaking to absorb. There’s so much to learn about our innovative approach and all the benefits we provide for the built environment! I’m learning every day and proud to represent the brand in the Southeast.

What do you like about working with your team?


I enjoy everyone’s willingness to take time to help each other!


What do you do outside of work? Hobbies?


My latest hobby is pottery. Recently I enrolled in classes at my local art school, and I’m hooked. I enjoy creating and believe art is the foundation of joy. A few other regular hobbies are cooking, drawing and jewellery making. I’m always trying new activities and love spending time with my family & friends.  


What US city holds your favourite architecture/design and why?


NYC is remarkable. It holds cult favorite structures and buildings, while modern marvels continuously pop up in the urban landscape. The juxtaposition of old and new reflects the diverse culture that makes the city my number one. 


Community, United States

Oct 31, 2022

Community, Interviews, News Article

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