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Team spotlight - Danielle Robinson

Country, United States

Mar 08, 2023

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Recently our global marketing manager, Danielle Robinson, reached the milestone of ten years service and moving into a directors role. With such great achievements we felt like there was no better time to sit down with her and learn about her Autex Acoustics journey so far. See what she had to say below.



When did you start working for Autex Acoustics?


I started working at Autex Acoustics in 2012 as a marketing assistant. I had just transferred to AUT having spent two years in Otago but wanted to finish my degree. Uni during the night was my decision and a stressful one at that!



What is your favourite Autex Acoustics memory so far?


I have three favourite memories over my time here. Luckily enough they all link together.


  1. My first would be moving to the UK to help set the business up in the European market. I loved living in London and got to see our team grow from two people in a small office to the powerhouse we are now. 
  2. Writing the Autex celebrating 50 years book would be my second. I got to learn alot about my family and the way they ran the business. I think there is a lot to learn from how they worked with most of it applicable and relevant today. They were a resilient bunch!
  3. Finally our rebrand was a big one to be a part of. It was a real success and something that I’m very proud to have fronted. There is a lot behind brands and how they present themselves which I have more of an appreciation for now. 

What does reaching ten years of service mean to you?


It means a lot to me. I think it shows dedication and commitment. Over the time I have grown a lot as I moved through six different titles. Most importantly I want to make my family proud and show that I’m the right person for the job. 



What has been the biggest change within Autex Acoustics that you have witnessed?


We’ve seen some really big growth over my time. The magnitude of people, locations, technology, and processes that have completely transformed is amazing. With that growth you get more exposure, pushing us to the forefront for the world to see. 



How do you see the industry changing over the next ten years?


I think that there will be a lot of diversification when it comes to materials used. Everyone is looking for more sustainable options, especially in the acoustics space. Sustainability is a big issue and we are nailing it but we can’t stop looking forward. What is the next step? What other materials can we use? These are the questions we need to be constantly asking ourselves. 



What does a directorship role mean to you?


I think there are some subtle changes but nothing too big. My ambition doesn’t change but it means that I get a lot more exposure to other departments internally. I’m very passionate about Autex Acoustics succeeding and so now I get a voice at the table. I can make all of our dreams come true! I know I can bring a different perspective and share a range of ideas that could benefit everyone at Autex Acoustics. 



How would you describe your career so far in just one quote?


My dad always would say to me “go hard, or go home” so I turn up to work everyday ready to give it my all. 

Country, United States

Mar 08, 2023

Interviews, News Article

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