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Texas essentials with Cecelia Koepfle

United States

Apr 16, 2024

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We are delighted to welcome Cecelia Koepfle to the Autex Acoustics® US team as our new North Texas sales representative. With a wealth of experience in sales and design, Cecelia brings a unique blend of expertise to our team.


Graduating from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and with a passion for both design and music, Cecelia is excited to collaborate with architects and designers in creating beautiful spaces with innovative acoustics. We look forward to seeing her undoubtedly positive contribution to our team.

What was your work background before coming to Autex Acoustics?


Before joining Autex Acoustics, I worked as a Commercial Sales Rep with Florida Tile and, before that, as a Designer at Faulkner Design Group. I graduated from the University of North Texas, where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design.



What interests you about the acoustics industry?


I have always loved music, so learning more about how sound travels throughout a space is very interesting to me. I’m excited to combine my passion for interior design and knowledge of acoustics to help Architects and Designers create thoughtfully designed, beautiful spaces with great acoustics.



What goals have you set for the next six months?


My goal for the next six months is to learn as much as I can about acoustics and Autex Acoustics as a company. I’m looking forward to meeting with my customers, hosting events, doing presentations, and getting out in the market. On a personal level, I also enjoy attending workout classes and aim to attend a specific number each week.

What are your five Texas essentials?


1) Pool


Everyone knows Texas summers are hot. Pool days make those 100-degree days bearable and allow you to enjoy summer days.



2) Tex-Mex


My husband and I love to cook and explore the food scene. Tex-Mex is one of my favorite cuisines and I would really miss it if we ever moved out of Texas.



3) Margaritas


This pairs perfectly with Tex-Mex or a pool day.



4) Weekend Getaways


There are plenty of unique destinations in Texas that are only a short road trip away. I enjoy relaxing getaways in the hill country, spending a day on Lake Travis, and trying new restaurants in Austin.



5) Country Music


I always enjoy going out to listen to live music or getting tickets to see my favorite artists perform in concert. Living in Fort Worth, we are fortunate to have Dickies Arena and Billy Bob’s nearby, which make for a fun night out.

United States

Apr 16, 2024

Interviews, News Article

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