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Lapa Lapa restaurant: Acoustic balance, dining comfort

Architect: AIA El Paso, In*Situ Architecture

Account Manager: Antonio Holguin

Categories: Hospitality

Designer: Autex Acoustics design team: Fernando Valero

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Lapa Lapa Restaurant: Acoustic balance, dining comfort

Autex Acoustics®, in partnership with architect and client, has achieved an integrated acoustic design solution for an open-plan restaurant.

The Lapa Lapa restaurant in El Paso, Texas, was a collaboration between Autex Acoustics®, architect Anel Pasillas, and her client. The goal was to create an inviting space to meet and share food—without having to shout over the noise of others.


Restaurant noise is unavoidable. While some level of social noise is desirable for its energy and ambience, too much noise can reduce the enjoyment of dining out and also lead to fatigue in staff.


Looking to soften the hard surfaces of this modern space, the architect reached out to the Autex Acoustics in-house design team for assistance.


Bespoke design enhances the restaurant brand


The architect sought a ceiling-hung solution over the bar area to lower the height for a sense of intimacy and to conceal the services above. After first considering the Autex Acoustics Timber™ fins, Anel decided on the wave-like form of Frontier™ Talus in solid blue as the best fit for the seafood-themed restaurant.


Addressing acoustic reverberation and echo in this high-ceilinged interior required a good deal of collaboration and communication between the architect, client, and the Autex Acoustics team.


“Products like Frontier Talus are flexible in their design, offering variety in the color, shape, height, quantity, and hanging options,” says Antonio Holguin, Business Development and Sustainability Lead at Autex. “Once the architect explained the design concept, we were able to define the optimal acoustic layout – the baffle thickness, height, and spacing. The flexibility of this product meant we could create a bespoke piece, which is key when designing memorable experiences for guests.”

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A flexible acoustic baffle system

Our design team produced a series of initial drawings for the client’s feedback. “Over several weeks, and a great deal of collaboration, we found a solution that all parties could be proud of,” says Fernando Valero, Autex Acoustics Manufacturing Designer.


“The client wanted to install the acoustic wave himself, so we provided detailed design drawings and gave him some pointers to make it a simple step-by-step process.”


Designed for open-plan interiors, Frontier Talus is defined by its soft sloping curves and wide color selection. The acoustic baffle provides targeted sound absorption and a 3D design feature, enhancing spaces large and small. Designers can mix and match colors and styles, creating endless configurations, while contractors enjoy fast installations.


The Lapa Lapa restaurant installation was a unique design case requiring a highly collaborative approach. The result is an acoustically comfortable and hospitable environment for Lapa Lapa El Paso and its guests.

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