Transforming interior spaces with innovative acoustic solutions




Elevating workplace well-being with customized acoustic design

Architect: Jasmax

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Innovative acoustic solutions for the MC Center

When tasked with designing Meredith Connell’s (MC) new 230-person Auckland workplace, Jasmax turned to Autex Acoustics® for specialized acoustic solutions that go beyond conventional office standards. Meeting all ten principles of the WELL program, including surpassing required sound comfort levels, the MC Center stands as the second organization in New Zealand to achieve WELL v2™ pre-certification from the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). Additionally, it proudly boasts a six Green Star rating from the New Zealand Green Building Council.


Redefined workspaces for unprecedented comfort


As New Zealand’s largest litigation firm, MC sought to create a unique, 5500-sq. ft. MC Center to attract top legal talent and foster a collaborative, hybrid workplace. Jasmax, an architecture firm in New Zealand, was commissioned to design a space that broke away from traditional law firm aesthetics while incorporating biophilic design principles and MC’s brand identity. Choosing the WELL standard for its focus on human health and well-being, MC now enjoys intentional and thoughtful spaces that enhance both health and working potential.

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Crafting acoustic excellence for well-being

“The WELL standard is focused on the well-being of occupants.” Aidan Hill, Autex Acoustics technical and sustainability manager, emphasizes. To achieve this, sound levels were meticulously controlled, exceeding normal standards to enhance concentration and reduce stress. We not only provided specialist acoustic advice but also worked to make the WELL certification process as seamless as possible. Customizations in color, pattern, printing, and shape allowed Jasmax to integrate acoustic solutions harmoniously with the design.

Tailored acoustic solutions for sound reverberation

In addressing the need for privacy and absolute sound clarity within secure spaces, Jasmax collaborated with Agile Engineering to develop specific acoustic requirements for each area. This is where we stepped in with custom and sustainable solutions, delivering high-performing products. From 3D Ceiling Tiles differentiating spaces to Cube™ acoustic panels reflecting the natural environment in meeting rooms, the acoustics seamlessly complemented the design, ensuring an optimal work environment for MC’s 160 lawyers.

Steve Haszard, MC’s managing partner, attests to the success: “Autex Acoustics technology was a major part of our court work being as unaffected as possible during lockdown.” This project showcases how innovative acoustic solutions can enhance well-being, privacy, and productivity in the workplace.

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